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Carefully grown with patience and respect. The right soil and sunlight are critical for growing the high quality cayenne peppers that give Frank’s RedHot® Sauce its distinctive flavour. But just as important are the individuals who work the land day in, day out, to assure that the peppers reach their full potential.

We’re fortunate to partner with the finest and most dedicated cayenne pepper growers in North America. And not surprisingly, their heritages are as storied as the Frank’s RedHot® brand itself.

“Our father started farming in the Mesilla Valley around 1959,” says Pete, a cayenne pepper grower in New Mexico. “My brothers and I grew up working and helping on the farm and continued farming together after our father retired.”

Respect for the land, patience and discipline, and passion for creating outstanding products are principles that Pete and his brothers learned from working with their father—and they’re still evident in the way they all go about farming today.

“We’re passionate about growing a crop and following it through all stages of production from planting, growing, harvesting, mashing, fermentation and shipping,” says Pete.

“The ultimate reward is seeing all our efforts in a bottle of Frank’s RedHot® Sauce in our hometown restaurants and grocery stores.”

Perfectly blended by those who know. It’s no secret that Frank’s RedHot® Sauce is made from high quality cayenne peppers—aged to spicy perfection in fermenting tanks. But just exactly what goes into their production is heavily guarded information. That’s for the Makers to know. And only the Makers.

Fortunately for us, we employ the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable individuals to formulate, blend and craft the pepper mash into the perfect balance of flavour and heat. It’s their dedication that has made Frank’s RedHot® the #1 hot sauce brand in America.*

Assuring consistently superior quality means everything to employees such as David, who has been keeping his keen eye on the production of Frank’s RedHot® Sauce since 1999. “I perform numerous quality checks and analytical tests throughout the day,” says David. “Just knowing I produced a quality product at the end of the day is my biggest reward.”


Mustard Cl * Nielsen Total US xAOC, YTD ending 5/14/16


The Makers

The Masters


Inspired by the perfect blend of flavour and heat™. When a plate of freshly cooked hot wings first arrives on the table, and their spicy aroma begins to fill the air, it’s a moment of truth that will define the entire experience. That’s why inspired culinary Masters insist on Frank’s RedHot® Sauce.

Chefs who know appreciate the aged cayenne peppers used to make Frank’s RedHot® Sauce. And all the care and attention that has gone into growing, ageing and bottling the peppers also goes into the dishes the Masters create to delight their guests.

Today, the Frank’s RedHot® lineup has expanded to include bold global flavours that bring new excitement to wings, sandwiches, pizza and more—and even greater possibilities for those inspired to create authentic and unforgettable flavour.