Frank's RedHot Origins

The rich heritage of Frank’s RedHot® dates back to 1918 when pepper farmer Adam Estilette partnered with Jacob Frank in New Iberia, Louisiana, USA to create a sauce perfectly spiced with the rich flavour of cayenne peppers. Two years later, in 1920, the first bottle of Frank’s RedHot® Sauce emerged from Estilette's pickling plant.


1920 Frank's Louisiana RedHot Sauce was born

1964 Frank's RedHot® Cayenne Pepper Sauce was used as the secret ingredient for the first ever Buffalo Wings in Buffalo, New York.

1977 Durkee® Famous Foods acquires Frank's RedHot®

1996 As the Buffalo Wing craze explodes in the US and Canada and
Frank's RedHot® launches a pre-made Buffalo Wing Sauce to make preparing wings even easier.

2014 In Europe, Frank's RedHot® leads the way to Mexican and Latin flavours by introducing Frank's RedHot® Chille 'n Lime Hot Sauce. A tangy twist with original Cayenne flavour blended with lime and cumin.


Frank’s RedHot® was the secret ingredient used in the first ever Buffalo Wings in Buffalo New York in 1964.

All peppers are not created the same. Frank’s RedHot® uses a proprietary blend of special, chile peppers to create that surge of flavour that doesn't obliterate your taste buds. No one else can duplicate the Frank’s RedHot® surge of flavour.

Frank’s RedHot® grows its peppers in both Mexico and in New Mexico. The peppers are then made into a mash and aged/stored in New Mexico. After the perfect ageing process has taken place, the pepper mash is sent to our production plant in Springfield, Missouri, USA where the product is cooked and special spices are added to give your food an unbelievable surge of flavour.

The part of the pepper that generates heat is not the coloured fruit but the white veins that run along the inside of the peppers.

People love spicy foods and our Frank’s RedHot® lovers tell us that they use Frank’s RedHot®, not only on chicken wings, but also on foods ranging from pizza and pasta to popcorn and even ice cream.